Safety Tips

To help shoppers have an enjoyable and safe shopping experience, Mall of Abilene works with local authorities and IPC International, the nation’s leading provider of public safety services for shopping centers, and has issued top safety tips to help shoppers be more vigilant and prepared at all times.

  • Shop with friends or relatives; there IS safety in numbers.
  • Be careful how you handle your money.  Never flash or count your money on the street or in public.  Using debit or credit cards is much safer than carrying a lot of cash.
  • Men should carry their wallets inside their coat pocket or front pants pocket. Women should carry their purses with the strap across their chest.  Pickpocket’s favorite places include revolving doors, jammed aisles, elevators, public transportation stops and crowded places.
  • Remember where you parked and if you want an escort just ask mall security – especially late at night.   Keep your keys in your hand as you approach your car.
  • Store packages in the trunk of your car, out of sight.  Or, better yet, if the store offers a delivery services, have your packages delivered directly to your home.
  • Keep a close eye on your children and educate them!  Teach kids what to do if you get separated. Tell them to find a store clerk or security person.
  • Mall Security provides escort service to and from your vehicle during mall hours.

Contact Mall of Abilene Security at (325) 668-7269

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