Family Friendly Hours @5

“Family-Friendly Hours @5″ is in effect as part of our commitment to promote a pleasant weekend shopping environment.

Anyone under the age of 18 who is at Mall of Abilene after 5 PM on Friday and Saturday must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian, and all parties must comply with the center’s Rules of Conduct.

  • To qualify as a parent/guardian, a person must be 21 or older.
    A parent/guardian must be 21 or older, but need not be a legal guardian of the individual(s). A parent or guardian who appears to be 21 or younger may be asked to present a valid photo ID. Younger parents (aged 18 to 21) will be allowed to accompany their own children. Disabled individuals over the age of 17 may be assisted by someone who is under 18.
  • A parent/guardian must demonstrate “control” over and maintain visual contact with the individual(s) he/she is responsible for escorting.
    Control means all parties are acting in compliance with Mall of Abilene’s posted Rules of Conduct. If an individual is banned from the center, their adult escort may also be banned for the same period. An escort may not be responsible for more than four unrelated youth under the age of 18. Families larger than four may be accompanied by a single parent.
  • A valid photo ID, which includes a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, a military ID, visa or passport, will be used to verify age.
  • Unaccompanied youth unable to prove they are 18 or older will either be directed to a designated waiting area to await transportation, or instructed to return home the way they arrived.
  • Family-friendly hours are in effect Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 PM until closing. Mall of Abilene reserves the right to increase and/or reduce the dates and times of these restrictions. Special exemptions will be made for the following:
    Youth Employment — Individuals under the age of 18 working in the mall will be granted access without an escort. Proof of employment will be required, and they must report directly to their job and leave once their shift concludes, if after 5 PM.
    Premier Cinema 10 — Moviegoers under 18 (without an adult escort present) will not be admitted more than 30 minutes prior to showtime, if after 5 PM on Friday or Saturday. They must remain on the theater premises, and leave immediately after their ticketed feature concludes.

We look forward to continuing to be West Texas’ favorite family shopping destination and thank you for your patronage and support. This new program will help us better serve our customers and merchants. Stay tuned to the events calendar located on our home page for special program kick-off events and promotions.

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